Sell Your Home for More

Sell Your Home for More

Selling a home isn’t a one size fits all process. Every family has their own unique needs, timeline for when they would like to sell their home, and reasons for moving. I understand this, and have worked with countless families that each have entirely different progression than the last. One thing that always remains the same, however, is my dedication to showing your home to the most qualified prospective buyers possible while simultaneously showcasing your home’s best qualities. Start your home selling process today by entering your address here.

Get Your Home Value

Home Preparation

Preparing your home liberates your home value.  Every attention to detail is considered from the curb appeal to the condition of your home’s health.  HRE Home Designers, Inspectors, and Preferred Vendor Services are all highly specialists that pamper your home for the market.

Home Designers

HRE Home Designers bring special skills developing a step by step plan to review, prep and budget your home for sale.

Complimentary Inspections

We pay for a preliminary home inspection and termite inspections.  These services are complementary to the seller and offer a comprehensive analysis of your home’s systems.  HRE Home Designers review the property inspection reports with the homeowner to identify next steps, saving money and time during escrows.

Project Coordinators

HRE Project Coordinators oversee home projects so they are done on-time, with a special attention to optics, and on budget.

Preferred Vendors are offered with advantageous pricing.

Staging and Design

HRE pays for staging services, which include all fees associated with design, delivery, set-up, first month of furniture rental and breakdown after sale.

HRE Home Designers are trained to bring out the best features of your home after overseeing the preparation process.  They oversee the home improvement phase of your home and add those final touches through staging. Studies show that a beautifully staged house makes a buyer feel more relaxed while in the home.  As a result, buyers tend to spend more time in a beautifully staged home. A welcoming look and feel helps the buyers see the possibilities of living in the home while they imagine placing their furniture throughout the house.

To maximize the offers for your home, HRE Services provide staging services that include the design of the staging, delivery, set-up, first month of rental fees and the breakdown cost of the staging after the sale.

Declutter and moving personal items

HRE offers an optional service for homeowners that includes a moving truck and a free first month’s storage for personal items.  HRE Home Designers focus on the quality of a home staging and may use the owner’s furniture if requested.


How buyers find your home

Home buyers use various information sources in their search process. Most find them through real estate agents and the internet.

  • 42% Internet, including social media
  • 34% Real estate agent showings
  • 10% Yard signs
  • 6% Friend or neighbor referrals
  • 5% Home builders
  • 2% Direct from sellers
  • 1% Home magazines
  • 1% Print newspaper ads

HRE Photography  

You only have one chance for a first impression.  While other agents settle for good or even average photography, HRE only presents state of the art photography for our clients.  They are done by real estate professionals skilled in HDR, drone imagery and video and post production editing. Our online images are viewed globally and are syndicated world-wide.  Our clients receive the best opportunity for generating more views online and ultimately lead to more showing appointments and offers.

HRE Videos – Aerial tours and dynamic movement productions

Our drone images capture a home’s views, neighborhoods and dramatic sweeping shots of vistas not imagined in real estate just a few short years ago.  Today’s best marking tools are a blend of video, sound, narration and still photography. Our dynamic movement productions offer a view to your home with captivating, narrated tours of your home highlighting the beautiful and rich features.

Online Marketing

In addition to syndicated MLS placements with all the internet search engines, HRE pays for Facebook and Google ads to bring focused attention to your property.  HRE offers a narrated video tour, branded virtual tours, a dedicated webpage with your photo gallery. Direct from the HRE website buyers can search for homes, receive updated market updates and market information.

International syndication and support

HRE Real Estate offers syndication to the international website Juwai covering the Chinese markets.  We offer multilingual buyer support in Spanish and Mandarin.

Open Houses

HRE Agents offer extended hours for open houses complete with refreshments for buyers.  Agents and neighborhood open house previews are offered in an effort to maximize exposure.

Enhanced Social Marketing Services are offered as standard services to insure broad exposure for your home.  HRE has an award winning, full digital social media advertising agency that reviews every HRE listed home and designs custom promotions to drive additional traffic for HRE open houses.

Contract Services

HRE Sellers Services are designed to market your home and bring a qualified buyer. HRE always cooperates with other agents, treating  them professionally and with great respect.

Residential Purchase Agreements

HRE’s (Sales) Contract Services begin with a buyer generated RPA or a Residential Purchase Agreement offer.  A fully executed RPA is a bilateral agreement between the buyer and seller to sell the home for an agreed compensation or sales price.  These are legal contracts binding both parties with agreed terms and conditions. These contracts require attention to detail. HRE Agents will always review every offer with the seller and offer strengths and features that could be enhanced.  Counter Offers are frequently required.

Buyer Qualification Recommendations

HRE Agents always recommend buyers be screened for financial qualifications before accepting offers.  Buyer qualifications include requiring: a qualifying down payment, proof of funds, and a pre-qualification letter from a reputable financing source.

Disclosures and Buyer Inspections

Throughout this phase of your sale, buyer and seller disclosures and reviewed, further buyer inspections are conducted and contingencies are ultimately removed or in some cases the RPA cancels.  HRE Agents work diligently through the legal contracts for a successful conclusion.

HRE Agents and Escrow

Real Estate laws are frequently updated requiring agents to be aware of those laws and to insure clients have representation and are educated about the process.  The goal of HRE Contract Services is to go through the legal steps required to transfer the legal agreements to Escrow Services for execution of the contracts. Once Escrow is initiated, their contracts will lead to the proper exchange of a seller’s property in return for the sales price of the home.

The steps required in a successful transaction requires experience and an excellent team to problem solve through out the process.  HRE is the right team.

Evaluation Services

Home Evaluation Services

Receive a free baseline evaluation of your homes value.

What is my home worth?

Our automated tools can give you an instant home evaluation by simply filling out your home address.

Upon request, A comprehensive opinion of value can be further refined through an HRE representative’s on-site evaluation.

Step 1. Our agents confirm publicly recorded information against data provided by the homeowner: number of bedrooms, baths, improvements, square footage, views.

Step 2. A comprehensive report is prepared for the home owner utilizing comparable sales.  Sales data is reported and weighted, refining the data to I. Homes that have sold, II. Homes that are for sale and III. Homes that are pending sale.  Your customized report compares homes that are close to your home with similar characteristics such as: square footage, same neighborhood, similar designs models.

Step 3.  The condition of your home is considered and improvements are discussed specifically as they relate to possible sales outcomes.

HRE representatives can provide services that are designed to optimize your home value outcome.

Home Valuation